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Stop the worry about your chemical up-keep with O-Care

O-Care removes & prevents sediment build up and constantly cleans the Spa even at moments of low sanitiser levels. Giving you peace of mind when it comes to your pump and pipes.
O-Care is so reliable, we even give you a
LIFETIME PUMP WARRANTY on all your pumps when signed up and using O-Care.
Hassle free water maintenance using less chemicals.

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Delivery Program

£5 Discount per order

Clear and silky water

Free delivery

Lifetime Spa Pump Warranty*

Free access to O-Care Water App

*covering parts only ( no call-out or labour )

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Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 15.52.00.png

Alan Mahood

If you're having a quick and easily solution to not having to worry about your chemical up-keep every single day, couldn't recommend TubCare enough to solve this!


Sarah McFarlane

The automation of having my chemicals taken care of and turning up at my doorstep every 3 months is perfect.

No more worrying about running out and having to order more!


Eileen McBlain

Was unsure about what package I had to select, emailed and got back the best package to suit my size of tub. Couldn't recommend enough.

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